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 Thread Locations Guideline

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PostSubject: Thread Locations Guideline   Mon Sep 22, 2014 3:28 pm

Locations Guidelines

There are a great deal of places that one can choose from to start their Thread in. If this is your first Thread, then its all the more important. This amount of locations may seem overwhelming, but it's all there to simulate that 'University' or 'College' feel.

So, now that you know that little tidbit of information, where should you go to start your Thread? Well, my friend, that depends on what your Thread will be about, and the best place to put it for a setting. And this Guide here will explain to you what each Location is.

The first item on the list, is Mage Academy itself. The image above is a good representation of what the Academy looks like. In actuality, this is just an Image of the city Planeptune from the popular series Hyperdimension Neptuna.

Nonetheless, this is the Futuristic look of Mage Academy. Notice the Large, Mage-Hat shaped building in the center of the image. That is the Academy's Main Building, where most Administration and some Classes are held. It is also where you will find the Headmaster's Office.

Use this forum if you intend to go somewhere that's not listed in the Academy. Listed places include Docs, Dormitories, Headmaster's Office, and so on. You could use this forum to visit the Cafeteria, Infirmary or just about anything else.

Our next Location, is the Headmaster's Office. This is where you will find the Headmaster, and his highest ranking Staff Members holding meetings and carrying out the functions of the Academy. If you intend to do a Thread here, the Headmaster is involved 99% of the time.

The third Location, is the Docks of Mage Academy. This is the only normal way on and off of the Island that is Mage Academy. These ships come and go every day, but shut down after 11pm, which is curfew for all Students and Guests at the Academy.

Next, is the Dormitories. This is where all Student, Teacher and Staff Dormitories are located at. Dormitories can hold up to Three individuals at any time, and are offered to the Students, Teachers and Staff of Mage Academy at a small monthly price. These Dormitories appear to be very small from outside of their doors, but once one steps through the entrance to any Dormitory, it opens up into a medium sized apartment room.

Each Dorm-room, has Three Bedrooms, One Bathroom, One Kitchen and One Living Room. Food for the Kitchen can be purchased from the Academy Store (as raw materials are cheaper then pre-made meals).

Dorm-rooms can be decorated in any way, as there is a special Alchemy Formula imbedded into the walls of the Dorms that can be activated to restore the rooms to their base appearance and state.

Dormitories, as stated above, can hold up to three Individuals. You can place your Character within any Dorm you want, by using this thread.

This next one is the Spell District that the Academy dedicates One-Third of it's property too. This is where all Classes pertaining to Spells and Summoning are held. Also located in the Spell District, is the Zweiteturm, the large library with countless tombs and scrolls containing Spells.

The Zweiteturm is restricted by special Spells, however. These spells stop those that aren't strong enough from reading high level spells. This is in place to protect Students who may attempt a spell that's far beyond their capabilities.

Counterpart to the Spell District, is the Alchemy District. The Academy also dedicates One-Third of it's property to this area. The Alchemy District is where all classes pertaining to Alchemy and similar concepts are held.

There is also an Alchemy Library here as well, but it has the same Spell protecting it's tombs and scrolls as the Zweiteturm does.

The Last two areas are the Academy Campus, and the Arena. The Academy Campus is just anywhere on the Academy's Property, that isn't listed above. Parks, open fields and anything else you may find on the Campus of a University or College.

The Arena is a special building that has come about in the past couple years. Within this arena, Individuals can battle it out in any environment they want, with any assortment of Rules and Restrictions. The Arena has no seating so as to avoid unnecessary injuries to spectators, but those wishing to watch anything that may happen in an Arena, can use a simple spell to see into it at any angle and distance they wish, without any harm coming to them.

Next, is a special Location, and don't let the picture fool you, this place can be deadly.

As you may or may not know, Mage Academy is located on an uncharted island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, protected by Spells that ward off intruders and regular Humans.

This Location can be used to visit anywhere on that Island that isn't located on the Academy's Main Property.

Included in this, is the Academy Training grounds, where Students are sent out into Live Combat situations for Training, Academy Missions, and Assignments given by Teachers. Training grounds are watched constantly by Teachers and Staff, and there are currently three Training Grounds.

The first is a Low Level Training ground. This is for Students who aren't quite powerful yet, as these enemies are relatively weak, but can still injure the unprepared.

The second is a Middle Level Training Ground. This is usually for Second-year Students, and the occasional First-year Student. Enemies here are more powerful and can actually cause fatalities to those that aren't ready for this area.

The third is a High Level Training Ground. This is a Training Ground that is heavily fenced off, and only those who pass a special test are aloud to enter. Usually, there are only Third-year students here, but some Second-year Students have made it into this deadly area. Probability of Death in this area is higher then the other Training Grounds, but benefits from fighting the creatures located in this area are high.

The last locations, are the rest of the world. Use this forum, if your Thread takes place anywhere in the world, that isn't located on the Hidden Island that Mage Academy is located on.

This area includes all Seven Continents listed, so as to help you place your Thread more accurately.
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Thread Locations Guideline
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