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 Room Mates

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PostSubject: Room Mates   Mon Sep 08, 2014 9:09 pm

Room Mates

Roommates are just a little thing that we've come up with. It's completely optional, but it can be benificial to you.

The idea is, if you decide to room with another Character or Two, you have potential to do some 'side topics'. As in, you can just do a topic with your room mates in your dorm room just for the hell of it (and maybe net you a little bit more experience for your stats~).

And the process is simple. PM the member that uses a Character you want your own to Room with and get their permission, then just PM a staff member, and they can edit this list to display it. There's just a few rules.

  • Maximum of Three to a Dorm
  • Can only Change Dorm Rooms twice
  • Must have approval from the people living in the dorms you going to.
  • No co-ed dorms

And that's it. Just little rules. The second one is to stop people from just constantly spamming us when they get tired of their roommates. This is just a little thing we've decided to implement for you.

List of Roommates:

Dorm 1:

Dorm 2:
Araragi, Stella
Kokoro, Kasai
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Room Mates
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