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 [Student] Haruto Souma (WIP)

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PostSubject: [Student] Haruto Souma (WIP)   Mon Aug 11, 2014 10:01 pm


(Inventory won't be changing soon dun worry)
To clear anythin up all his forms and stuff uses mana so he isn't overpowered, and if he loses his rings he loses his power, yeah he may be able to do a simple fireball or force push :3 but that's it without his rings


Full Name: Haruto Souma
Nickname(s): Haruto, Hardy had hard (no :/)
Age: 17 (1 month til birthday )
Gender: Male
Race: Human



Height: 170.1 cm
Weight: 52 Kg ( estimated, still editing )
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Distinguishing Features: Wears specific jacket, wears a chain with a bunch of rings on left side and has scar on
His arm

Generally he is 170.1 cm tall and 48kg despite all the donuts he eats, also I will list all his forms and how he looks like on the bottom, he wears a black coat specifically and he usually wears running shoes like any normal person ( his suppose to be a Mage )

Also when affected by the flame dragon ring, the transformation goes like a dragon comes out of him, spins around him then turns into a magic circle then passes through harutp transforming to flame dragon etc., the standard styles just summon a magic circle where he points and he will "henshin" (transform)

The infinity is like the dragon style except haruto glows by massive amount if power then freezes in what seems like ice as the magic circle passed him and the dragon summons another magic cicle to complete the transformation


  • Donuts
  • Adventuring
  • Games

  • bugs
  • being forced to fight
  • slimy stuff

  • death by drowning
  • having to choose something over another (yes I fear this irl to)

Haruto is sarcastic and friendly, he makes plenty of jokes but serious when in battle or test, likewise when in a tight spot he won't hesitate to choose his pals over his own life

As mentioned above he will take knives for his good pals and he WILL crack a joke when someone else does too, he will look at the good side of everything unless it's SUPER bad like the end of the word or a F

Also when he flicks his arm upward that means his ready for battle, sorta like a habit, but when in danger he will be cautious (duh) but his over reliance on magic can be his downfall, luckily he will always have magic rings to use


Haruto was a orphan since birth, one day at the age of 15 he was chosen by his tribe to be sacrificed to the god they worshiped, his body reacted strangely as it awakened his shadow form (#Arcke) and his entire tribe was decimated, glowing in his hand was a ring similar to his ring his dad gave him

He scowered the lands until he saw other cities and towns, and in one town someone was talking about a Mage academy to legally use magic, at first he was all confused as why you have to have a license but then he realized slowly why

After leaving said town, he was ahem"attempted robbery" from him but they didn't fight, at all, when he finally got up the nerve to apply a ring he used often stopped working


(This Field is Special. You are given 45 points to distribute as you see fit between all of your three status. Your limit, is that each stat must have at least 5 points in it. Once approved, we Staff will then convert those numbers to a E through SS ranked format.)

Physical: 10 (Okay at physical stuff)
Magical: 22
Intellectual:13(Gained through actual study and school, staff tell me when I get smarter, he also uses common sense, duh)

Fighting Style: woo okay, so close, the way haruto fights varies to the way his form is made for, except flame as it's balanced, if his opponent gets the upper hand he will use spells, sometimes he will spam his spells but that quickly drains mana, also to accommodate for his lack of natural magic, he can use his Wizar weapon in human form as well as summon a iron blade!


WIP Wink :

Items of Significance: Mana/Rune rings, magic stones

Position: Student

Jokér finishers:
Standard: Jokér Xtreme!

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PostSubject: Re: [Student] Haruto Souma (WIP)   Sat Aug 16, 2014 3:45 pm

Hello Mr. Akreious! My name is Narry, and I'll be grading, and possibly approving, your Student-Class Application.

You actually have quite the amount of work to do. They're mostly questions of my own for you that will try to clear up somethings. Other things, are items that are out of place or just plain don't belong in the Character Application. If you have any questions, concerns, or thing I made a mistake, please Private Message me, or additionally you can ask me on the Cbox at your preference.





Fighting Style:

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[Student] Haruto Souma (WIP)
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