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 Magical Council Laws

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PostSubject: Magical Council Laws   Thu Jun 19, 2014 5:24 pm

Major Laws

The Forbidden Four

The forbidden Four refer to the four types of Magic that are absolutely, under no circumstances, to be used. The punishment for using these four types of magics, is usually death or loss of your memory and magic all together.

The Forbidden Four Magics are as follows:

Nothingness - Annihilation Magic, or magic that ends the existence and meaning of anything and everything that it is used on. When this magic is used, it alters the very timeline. Though memories of what was turned to nothing still remains, there is absolutely no proof that it ever existed. Even written documents are changed.

Destruction - The destruction of all around us. This magic is very 'One-Hit Knock-Out'. The weakest of these spells is capable of turning even ashes, to ashes.

Creation - This goes hand-in-hand with Resurrection Magic. This magic breaks the very laws of physics, and creates something from nothing.

Existence - Also hand-in-hand with Resurrection Magic. This is the opposite of Nothingness/Annihilation Magic.


Bringing back the dead is not permitted under any circumstances. In addition to it's banning, a powerful spell had been put in place to negate that specific Magical Signature from working. Any found to have gotten around this spell and have used any kind of spell within the Resurrection Category will face severe punishment.


The earth is home to many more animals and creatures than the Humans know of. And any unwilling capture or forced contract with one of these creatures (be they known by Humans or not) is illegal and shall be met with severe punishment.

This does not, however, stop the ability to create a contract with any creature: If both parties are willing, then it is perfectly legal.


This category of spells is only partially outlawed. For teaching purposes, this law can be ignored, however, any use of this magic outside of education will be monitored. That saying, one is not aloud to turn any kind of basic material into a precious stone or mineral.

Transmutations of 'Water to Wine' and 'Rock to Coal' are perfectly acceptable. In other words, no 'Get Rich Quick' schemes.

Death Magic

Any and all spells pertaining to Death Magic are outlawed. Those found putting this magic to any kind of use will be severely punished, in that of and not limited to: Loosing their Mage License, Loosing their Magic, Having their memories altered/erased, and whatever else the Council sees fit.

However, the study of these magics for defense or education are permitted.

Demonic/Divine Spells

As the only beings that are able to handle the stress of these spells, are the dead and holy/demonic type, these spells are not to be put to use outside of education. However, even in education, there is a severe limitation on these spells.

However, the study of these magics for defense or education are permitted.

Magical Awareness

The Magical Council does not wish to make this a set law, as in the past the revelation of Magic has had mixed effects: not entirely negative.

In regards to revealing Magic to the normal, every day Human, the Council requests that whomever do this, do it to only a select few people, who will not go about and reveal our whole society to the world. Think carefully about who is to find out...

Minor Laws/Rules

Creation of Life

Creation of life is perfectly legal, up to a point. Any being below that certain point, can be created at will by the Mage.

At a certain point, that being: The Creation of a being with Human-Level Intelligence, the Magical Council requests that there be a Properly Educated and Specialized Official (PESO) on scene to oversee this creation. At any time, the PESO may determine that the creator of the being is either:

A) Fully capable of handling this creature
B) Not fully capable of handling this creature.


Contracts are the Legal and Willing agreement to be partners for a certain fixed or variable amount of time. While under a contract (which can be between any two living entities in the world) each party (parties if more than 2) are obligated to fill said contract. Contracts can only be null and voided by all parties agreeing it to be. Contracts can also, only be changed in effect or purpose if all parties are in agreement.

Any being wishing to not be in a contract, but cannot find their way out of one, may appeal to the Magical Council for it to be voided.

Contracts with Endangered Beings

Contracts with Pixies, Elves and any wild animal are relatively easy to get, and the Council isn't needed to approve them (save for rare cases). However, there comes a time when an unusual contract with an Endangered Species is formed.

These contracts are legal, only if they are approved by the Magical Council after a full investigation as to why this contract is being formed. At any time, the Council can also void this agreement, with our without the co-operation of all or some parties within the contract.

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Magical Council Laws
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