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 Yui on Ice (August 1st 2014) (Open, No fighting)

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Martel Yggdrasill


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PostSubject: Yui on Ice (August 1st 2014) (Open, No fighting)   Fri Jan 12, 2018 11:28 pm

She just stood there admiring the lake, the birds, the soft winds embrace on her cold shoulders, it was Autumn and the weather was simply awful, this terrible heatwave had been going on for a few days now it was almost impossible to sleep at night withouth proper ventilation.

She watched as a family of swans swam in the lake in front of her, there where a total of five of them. She had started to sweat again, she hated that, she had just taken a shower like an hour ago but already had her body started to sweat, she swore under her breath. The girl was wearing a school costume despite now standing outside the school ground for some privacy, even her maids had no idea where she was. She took a deep breath as she pulled her arm up to her shirt, waving her tight T-shirt a bit to cool her down. If i just take it off for a bit no one`s gonna notice... She said to herself in a hushed voice. Almost as if expecting someone to jump out of the tall grass or some of the bushes any second.

She stepped up towards the lake, and untied her necklace around her neck and squeezed  it into her breast pocket in her jacket. Immidietly she could feel the difference as the air around her got colder, the sand below her feet froze solid in an instant. She sighed relieved, she stepped forward and walked into the surface of the water, holding her leg out carefully for the first step, the surface instantly froze, she giggled a bit as she started running across the surface of the lake freezing it solid over a bigger and bigger patch as she moved around over it, she watched the swans scoot off to the other side of the lake.

She grinned a bit in with a determined look, she had an idea pop into her head, she slammed her right leg hard into the icy surface and the whole lake quickly started to freeze over, shifting the temperature in the immidiet area by several dozen degrees. A lot of the shore was frozen over too. She was glad that the swans made it out okay too.

Next she appeared to have grown a few inches taller, this was because she had attached "ice" skaters under her feet, they too made of ice, naturally. So she started to soar on the ice, doing backflips, tornadoes, and most notably singing a song while she did it.

Sing me a song... She started carefully, still afraid that someone would hear her sing, gradually however her voice would increase in volume. of a lass that is gone. She increased her speed before a pirouette in mid air, then landed gracefully on her feet, continuing the ride. Say could that lass be i?... Merry of soul she sailed on a day. Over the sea to sky. She continued her graceful dance like a performance all the while singing the song her mother used to sing to her when she went to sleep.

Mull was astem, rum on the port, Eigg on the starboard bow. Glory of youth glowed in his soul, where is that glory now? She repeated the first verse of the song again as she made a final flip and came to a halt, panting as she breathed in quick gasps, her breath formed in small clouds due to the cold, but she could never feel the cold, unless she wore the necklace.

She gave a nervous laugh, she intended to keep singing the song she had started. Her clothes had frozen solid, clear because of how stiff they seemed. She lad let her jacket hang over her shoulders now not keeping her hands inside the jackets sleeve, because it was so stiff it remained on her shoulders, regardless she pulled it off her shoulders and tossed it on the shore. She tilted her head to the sides, craking her neck in the process, her shoulders where less tense now than when she started to dance.

Wearing only her white T-shirt to cover her top, and her skirt reached down to her mid thigts. She closed her frost topped eye lids for a second before continuing her song once more. Now that her necklace was off her eyes had received strange white patterns around her eyes.

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Yui on Ice (August 1st 2014) (Open, No fighting)
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