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 Gisei (Ariko)

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PostSubject: Gisei (Ariko)   Fri Aug 18, 2017 1:00 am


Gisei the DarkCalibur

Darkness Cursed Blade

Owner:Ariko Usuziniragi (Current), Many many before

Length/Height: 70.6 cm
Width/Girth: 1.56 inches at peak
Weight: 3.6 lbs

Description: Gisei the DarkCalibur is a very unique sword. The pummel is a demon/dragon head that is black and grey in colour while the handle is very comfortable to wield with strips and layers of leather along with other grippy substances in its internal. The sword itself is very unique with a slight curve yet retaining an almost perfect balance. It lacks any sort of guard and as such isn't used for such usage and would require the user to excel at parrying. Its shine when in light is off, the most accurate description of it being a "Dark Shine" with the reflection blinding people not like normal shining that "It's too bright" and more "There's a deep shadow". This blade is extremely sharp, superior to that of a Katana or Gladius and easily capable of piercing traditional Plate Armour.


  1. Ever Darkness: The Blade has a unique ability of "Self Regeneration" in all basic words. As long as there is magic to siphon and use, the blade will forever retain its form; including its Sharpness, durability, lack of rust, shine and more. However a lack of magic power would result in any dullage and damage to stay and require extremely precise upkeep if done traditionally instead of feeding the sword magic.
  2. Soul Siphon: The main and notorious curse of the blade is its ability to siphon and take magic from its user. After the course of a minute, any average mage would have all their magic siphoned and taken by force at which point the blade would then "consume" their very soul. A very notable exception to this rule is Ariko's bloodline as his father is capable of wielding the sword with no ill-effects (At least for awhile). The magic that's siphoned goes to its other enhancement or if in combat, try to "Upgrade" itself. Theoretically the blade would get more powerful the more souls it consumes via kills. Another previous enhancement it had in the past would be the ability to siphon magic via damage to the enemy rather than purely the user; however this ability has not been seen until the final Key probably due to the deprivation of magic or souls it's had for long periods of time and as such could be a potential future feature.

Full Darkness:
Siphon Ups:

Gisei the Dark Calibur is infamous in history with many different names and across cultures. It was forged with the foundation being a singular gem that was said to have come out of the very darkest star there is, with traces of this gem able to be seen back in early human history. Many blacksmiths; magic or no magic has tried to forge a sword with this gem at its core and each failed; with each generation having that one Noble that wants this blade completed no matter what for the "Ultimate Weapon". This cycle kept going on with the gem getting stronger and stronger as the generations went by until the late Dark Ages where an aspiring Blacksmith was able to forge the blade with material from a volcano along with unknown metals that were found close to the rifts. However even this blacksmith was unable to wield it properly and soon succumbed to the blade as well.

The blade has had many owners since then and has found its way into the Uzsuziniragi family tree; with its current owner being Ariko. This blade has went into obscurity as the Uszuziniragi family has since sealed it away and (attempted to) never let it take another soul again. At present, it is kept in a case that has many sealing runes, incantations and emblems embedded, stuck onto, and cast upon the case. The sheath it is kept in also has chains, leather strips and ribbons that keep the sword from coming out of the sheath along with more sealing runes and incantations with a ceramic sealing crest in its hilt. These extreme precautions allowed Ariko to completely hide its identity and obscure its cursed nature from others while also negating its Soul Siphoning ability via the insane amount of seals on its sheath.


"If the future is bathed in Darkness, then I'll pierce its heart with my own Darkness!"
"Who was that? Were they mean to you? if they were, can I break their legs?"
"I'll clear this fight with a climax!"

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Gisei (Ariko)
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