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 Corona Smash (Ariko)

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PostSubject: Corona Smash (Ariko)   Thu Aug 17, 2017 9:56 pm


Name: Corona Smash

Rank: B (Shockwave), A (Lethal)

Description/Appearance: The Corona Smash has several "Impact" styles to it. The initial and more common "style" to the Corona Smash is by filling the outside of the fist with high amounts of magic. The front of the fist is purposefully left empty while the outside magic is being funnelled out to create an insane pressure difference. Upon contact/stop of the spell will create a large explosion with the majority of the force funnelled towards the target due to the magic surrounding the fist. This effect is more concussive. The second and definitely more lethal version is by compressing the magic into an extremely condensed ring of magic in front of the fist which creates a loud, high-pitched "humming" sound. Moments before contact, the magical ring would condense even further into a point at the fist and is then smashed against the target. Rather than relying upon a pressure difference, this is just pure and prime magical power condensed into a point. The fundamental principle of the spell is comparable to a magical explosion that had all its force focused towards one direction. Due to the much higher force and the presence of magic as the catalyst, this attack is very much so lethal if used in such a way. Both attacks does it in different ways but both causes the target area to rise in temperature greatly in a short amount of time due to the force.

The first drawback the first style (which is also the more common one) requires is that the user knows the pressure of the atmosphere around them for its usage. Luckily, Planet Earth has a generally similar pressure on the surface, however should it be used in say a vacuum, the attack may have no effect unless compensated for. As the second style relies on magic focus and control, it largely does not have such weakness. The first style's other weakness is that despite the attack having the majority of its energy focused, it still has a large knockback effect for both parties (The target and user) due to the rushing effect that happens due to the pressure difference.

The drawback for the more lethal style is in the fact that it requires intense magical control to condense the amount of magic required into said ring, then condensing more to the point where you can basically describe it as a "magical singularity". As such for people that lacks the mental fortitude/focus, doing such spell would be immensely difficult.  

While like with the Drill Bolt Kick, the Corona Smash is technically able to be used with the feet but is commonly not done due to the mastery needed to do it.

Effect: Physical

Type: Offensive Punch

Conditions: Not particularly, however like said above, the first style requires the user to compensate for the pressure difference.



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Corona Smash (Ariko)
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