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 Drill Bolt Kick (Ariko)

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PostSubject: Drill Bolt Kick (Ariko)   Thu Aug 17, 2017 9:03 pm


Name: Drill Bolt Kick

Rank: A

Description/Appearances: The Drill Bolt Kick mainly comprises of layering several solid magical sheets on top of each other into a cone shape. The user then would start spinning the cone as fast as possible with the allotted amount of time before impact with more spin creating more force like a drill. A side-effect of this attack is that the spin creates momentum that launches the user forward at high speeds, and also due to sheer speed does the cone usually turn into a bright red colour due to air friction. The size, strength and speed of the cone largely depends on the magic put into the spell with large variation depending on physical stamina, mental fatigue and magic remaining. All of the prerequisites to use this spell requires that the spell has to be done quickly in a short amount of time in order to be totally efficient in its usage as well. Another drawback is that if the cone is broken or an error was made mid-spell, the spinning velocity and momentum of the formerly-magic cone would send the user flying the say the cone was originally spinning. The last drawback is due to the laws of momentum and energy, too fast of an acceleration (Or known as G's scientifically) would have the potential to completely knock the user out or even lose control of the attack and would require ample training to "get a feel" for the spell. This is because unlike other more normal spells, there is no magic circle or incantation that would protect against such scenarios.

The damage is largely from the piercing capabilities of this attack along with the extreme friction that comes with the drill-design of it. Theoretically it is possible to do the spell with the arm but doing such is much more dangerous due to the case that the head would be closer to the cone than if done by the leg. Although it is not out of the realm of possibility to do a miniature Drill Bolt Kick for the arm in a more normal, stationary punch.

Effect: Physical

Type: Offensive Barrier Drill

Conditions: Not particularly. Although it'd help that there is ample space for a jump into the air for a drop-kick style attack, none of that is actually required to do the attack.



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Drill Bolt Kick (Ariko)
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