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 Ariko (Student)

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PostSubject: Ariko (Student)   Fri Aug 11, 2017 9:29 pm


Full Name: Ariko Usuziniragi Kouradake Shinjiki Raito
Age: 16
Sex: Male
Race/Species: Human (To his knowledge)
Nationality: Japanese (To his knowledge)
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual



Height: 5'6 1/2 or 172.5cm
Weight: 171 lbs
Eye Color: Amber (different shades of red depending on angle), Random (Random situations)
Hair Color: Grey/Silver

Distinguishing Features: Besides having grey/silver hair at his age which many would spot immediately along with his amber eyes that changes its tone to shades of red when viewed at different angles and his distinct 3 scars along his cheek, he also often carries a red bandana/large ribbon along with him regardless of his present outfit. For more formal occasions, it's usually tucked away. Depending on the weather, he will also wear his bandana in different ways: Unfolding it to cover more of his forehead when he's exercising or when it's cold if he doesn't have his hat or wearing it as more of a ribbon on hotter days where he's just chilling. He also has beaded wristbands that actually weighs a hefty bit; the metal clangs distinct from more normal wristbands.

Ariko is a very muscular boy. Due to constant conditioning, his skin is also very coarse and rough though can quickly get soft and child-like when his body goes into a "recovery" phase. He stands at 5'6 1/2 inches and his hair is messy a bright grey under normal lighting but could glow into a silver when under direct light. His face is usually always smiling or dumb-founded at things with complex thinking required. His eyes are very unique in the fact that while normally a unique amber-like colour, it can shift colours very easily with usually red showing up more due to angle changes. However it has been known to change very quickly as well; sometimes even into a purple (albeit rarely).


  • Food: Especially Ramen. If it tastes good, he'll eat it almost indiscriminately. However due to his strong animalistic-like sense, bad food would taste especially bad.
  • Fighting: Ariko is a natural fighter; everybody that has met him ever would know that. He's been born into it and is pretty much the only real ability he's trusted with for many people.
  • Dancing: It's basically just a form of fighting without hurting people. This philosophy about dancing allows Ariko to ham it up at parties and dances and while he does not know formal dancing, he is capable of learning on the spot like he does with actual fighting.
  • Honour: What's the point of a good fight if the participants can't be a good sport about it? And you don't pick fights with people visibly weaker than you. Just bad!
  • Travelling: Being the other thing he's done for a lot of his life is Travelling. Ariko's gotten to the point where sleeping in the trees is as equally appealing as a soft bed; and climbing trees is almost the same instinct as breathing.
  • Art: While not many would expect; Ariko is good with paint calligraphy. He's had to write out Kanji that he barely understood for people in his dojo and while not especially excellent, he's a lot more skillful than most.

  • Torture: This is basically the exact opposite of honour and goes against all of Ariko's moral principles. The ONLY time he's seen doing this is if he's in an absolute bloodlust.
  • Doctors: Their medicine tastes horrible and they're the carriers of the demonic needles.
  • Homework: HOMEWORK!? NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Needles: They break the skin and inject... something into you. Could it be a virus, disease, or even other living creatures!? Needless to say, his fear for needles is more extreme than normal.





Physical: 18 (C+35)

Magical: 17 (C+19)

Mental: 10 (D+12)

Fighting Style:
Ariko is an extremely powerful Martial Artist and has a very refined yet wild fighting style under normal circumstances. He's trained in many styles but mainly specializes in quick and powerful strikes while dodging/redirecting most attacks. The normal style he fights with is limited in direct defense due to specializing in the speed department, negating the need for a very solid defense. Under defensive/protective circumstances, Ariko would adopt a circular-like style which involves lots of circling and is akin to dancing if slowed down. This defensive art has many flips,locks, and throws that uses the enemy's attack against them. Ariko is able to interchangeably and quickly shift between these two styles quickly. Ariko is also known to be very capable with weapons; from bladed to staffs to Nunchucks.

Ariko while fighting is very aware. Details he would never notice under casual circumstances would be noticed if it affected the fight at all and his reflexes are put at the highest possible level which helps with his extremely close-range fighting style. While he is able to manage at mid-range, he has little experience in terms of long range. This honed fighting style runs on mostly muscle instinct; extremely polished over his lifetime. As of late he has also been adding magic into his style and is currently training himself so he uses magic subconsciously rather than having to think about the move since "Thinking in the middle of a battle will only slow you down".  



Blood Type: O- (According to doctors)

Items of Significance:

  • Sheathed Blade: Ariko always carries with him a sheathed weapon completely covered in leather strips. The Sheath itself is black with cyan blue tribal-like markings around it. The actual blade does not show up at all and is banded together with the sheath at its hilt with said leather strips with extreme tightness. Ariko's father told him to never unbind the blade and as such Ariko usually uses it as a bludgeoning weapon or gives it to someone for safekeeping while he goes in hand-to-hand.
  • Bandana: Ariko is always seen with his red Bandana. While not even he knows the significance of it, he describes it as "Just right".

Position: Student

"Who was that? Were they mean to you? if they were, can I break their legs?"
"I'll clear this fight with a climax!"

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Ariko (Student)
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