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 Overtaker (OVA) 1

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Martel Yggdrasill


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PostSubject: Overtaker (OVA) 1   Mon Jul 31, 2017 4:45 pm

Arkian literally froze as he held Frosh for a moment. It was quite a comedic moment with Merie's facing lighting up with embarrassment, whilst Arkian's probably would have turned purple with despair and internal screaming. Ah, life, nothing goes as planned, were his thoughts. At least Frosh had the chance to be honest before he probably died. "About that..." he tried to speak, but she sudden broke out, sending Arkian's state of mind into a panic yet he did not lose control of himself. As she yelled out at him, he was just held Frosh in the same position as he did. All of a sudden she ran towards him, heading in for a punch, he could see. He reacted quickly, tossing Frosh into the air and swinging his forearms together to cover his face as he raised on leg and turned to his side while shouting "Your sister's been possessed by a ghost!" as he closed his eyes and gritted his teeth, shaking with one leg arched up off the ground like some sort of Flamingo. It took a second later after she stopped. He opened his eyes and looked around at source of the voice. "Eh? What? You're... that girl that I spoke to a few minutes ago..."

Arkian lowered his guard at Sarah's appearance. He was confused for a moment before he was surprised as he went flying backwards into a building behind him, leaving a large crack on the concrete exterior around five meters wide. "Ughh... why..?" he moaned in pain as he falls off the wall and onto the ground, leaving a cloud of dust on impact before he was picked up by his undershirt's collar. He's starting to consider himself luckily for what he was trained for, including taking a hit, but this was almost a new level.
Sarah's protests couldn't really save him now, but what Merie said around him did cause of mental ticks in his mind that irritates him as much as the pain ached through his body as his head hung back, face aimed at the sky as he raised a hand and then his index finger in protest. "One... not... that... stupid... Two... none of this adds up... Three-" His hand went limp again and fell to his side. He raised the effort to straighten his head back upwards to face Merie, gritting his teeth to force himself through the pain. "Hear me out before you end my life."

“Nothing you say can spare you at this point!!!” Merie yelled, knowing fully well that murder was a crime, she pushed Sarah aside causing her to fall on her butt, only her slime cushioned the fall. Merie then quickly ran towards Arkian not letting him a moment to catch his breath. Arkian could slowly see his life suddenly and unforgivingly flashing right before his eyes, as the fist of Merie came ever closer in slow motion. It was at this moment that Arkian knew he had fucked up. Then everything went blank. The birds kept chirping away, as Arkian woke up next to Sarah who still seemed to be in a deep slumber… something seemed off…. Merie was nowhere to be seen.

Arkian shrieked in that moment. He closed his eyes and looked away, hoping her fist would stop this time. It did not; he felt the impact for a moment before everything went numb...
His eyes opened to the sound of birds fluttering and chirping, he rose quickly up, pale with fear and scanned his environment as quickly as possible, the shock of what he saw still acting on his nerves, hindering him from moving around. He blinked and caught his composure, back to a calm yet relieved state, but the sense of Deja vu was with him. "Was I... dreaming?" he asked himself as he raised his hand up his face and feel the phantom pain his senses were still picking up on in his mind. He drops his hand back to his lap and looks to this side, yet he did not even notice the thing on his head until a few more seconds. He looked to his side at the source of light snoring noises, he saw Sarah at his side. He stared for a moment, and realized what happened, yet he wasn't able to quite able to wrap his head around it.
His eyes shrunk, it felt like a bad memory yet he was aware it didn't happen. He was aware this already happened, at least in his head. The sense of Deja vu was very strong with him, he was starting to feel paranoid at what occurred. "Alright! I have to get some things straighten out! First--" he began to talk to himself hastily out of confusion. So many questions but nothing at all for answers! Arkian turned to Sarah and shook her, he shouted under his breath "Hey! Hey you, wake up! Come on, wake up!" As he rocked her shoulders. He was acting with a sense of urgency and awareness compared to last time.
As Arkian started to wake up Sarah a pink blob jumped on his face making it impossible to breath "Just another ten minutes mom, its not like i got work today" Sarah spoke in her sleep, next thing Arkian knew as he was suffocating slowly. Someone came over him, his new "friend" came over and tried to pull the creature loose from his face...  "Come on, wake up already- Ohmmmm!" Arkian was surprised by the slime tackling his face. He fell back to the position he was, on his back as he struggled to get the blob off of his face. Felt like someone placed a mask on his face, or more like a wet pillow  to him. "Mhhmpfff Mmmmm!!!!" he struggled to scream, caught off guard by the slime's surprise glomp to the front. He kept trying to rip it off, clawing into his sides of his face as he tries to the blob but it was just too squishy to get a good grip onto it. At this rate he'd suffocate and pass out, he kept on clawing and trying. With each second going by, Arkian felt a bit less patient, his efforts started to possess more vigor, more raw strength than precision. He was unaware anyone else around him, other than Sarah, but his mind couldn't focus with this slime on his face, trying to murder him most likely unknowingly.
When Arkian tried to pull the pink blob from his face his arms simply sank into the pink substance, getting stuck in the process, Friya tried to help but she ended up having one of her hands sink into the blob as well. She placed one of her legs against Arkian`s chest as she tried to pull herself loose. “what the hell is wrong with this?! Oi wake up Sarah!!!” Sarah woke up screaming “!!!” She took a deep breath “PLEASE NO IM NOT READY TO MARRY YOU YET, I NEED MY PRECIOUS FREEDOM!!!” She blinked for a moment before her face turned bright red, it took her a moment before she realised what was going on. She quickly ordered her blob to release as she was apologising deeply the entire time. Friya fell on her ass as the blob released. “ouch ow” Before Arkian knew it Sarah was crying her eyes out. And some people where paying note to the commotion.
With the blob of pink removed from his face, Arkian gasped for air. "Freedom!" his mind thought, probably in response to a word he just heard while being cut off of oxygen. He wanted to scream it, but instead he just coughed and gagged for a few minutes, he grabbed his throat then the center of his torso with a spider-shaped hand (just his fingers spread out like one). "My god that hurts! Fu--" he turns to Sarah's face, swinging his very close to hers to his surprise. Accidentally. He quickly retreats back from her personal, and pulled back trying to mutter "Sorry, sorry, that's my--" His line of thought was cut off, almost like his air supply almost was. He froze for a second as his senses came back to him. He looked around, noting a few glances in his direction.

"Were these people here before...?" he wondered. He shook his head as Sarah began to hurt. Presumably from pain, he thought. He then noticed Friya, in that order. His eyes went sleek, he situation got weird... He then pointed to Friya and said "You stick around for a moment, I'll need to talk to you in a while."

He then stood up for a brief moment, dusting off the sides of his black duffle coat, ignoring the others around him. He walked slowly next to Sarah, and squatted down besides her. "Something the matter?" he asked in a lightly sympathetic tone.
Sarah held her head low only raising it when Arkian approached her, two puddles of tears had formed each side of her because of her crying “You almost died because of me” she whined, Friya did not seem the least concerned though, and hardly reacted to Arkian`s words when he told her to wait for a moment. She looked at the watch on her wrist before she responded. “All right but make it quick, i have a meeting with someone in a bit” She said with a slightly annoyed voice.

Sarah Kept up her mood as a river had started to form that ran towards the sea. She placed both of her hands along Arkian`s coat and tugged a tight hold onto it. She leaned a bit closer holding her head low. “if there is anything i could do to repay you, name your price!” she said with a sad voice.
Arkian glanced over to Friya when she talked, quickly flashing her a stern look before turning his attention to Sarah again. Arkian looked at her with the best of all the attention he can muster, thinking her tears were something of concern, his eyes glancing to each of her own watered ones and held his breath in suspense.
"You almost died because of me."
Arkian's eye raised itself in response to this. He stopped for a second, shifting his view of her until he eased down and let off an exalted sigh as he relaxed, shaking his head at the end of this in a slight bit of silence. "You had me there for a moment, I thought it was-" he spoke, however was slightly surprised by the grip on his black duffle coat. "Wha--" he said, cutting himself off in the moment as she leaned in. Arkian was a tad bit embarassed at this sudden movement. She offering to compensate him for probably what the slime did eased his mind however. He smiled slightly to himself, pushing her apart from him with a hand on her shoulder. Afterwards he landed a gentle hand on his head, like an adult scolding a child.

"Look here, Sarah," he attempted to speak in a serene and affable voice, "Sarah, right? You most likely shouldn't be saying that to someone just because of what happened here. Something... can go very bad, and easily so." He rose up through the strength of his legs, taking a step back, and another one lightly. "Besides, my life was in danger but it wasn't your fault. You saved from your pet," he assumed. "That much is enough repayment."
He glanced over to Friya, and quickly walked over, "Now if you'll excuse me, as cliche as it sounds, I have some things to talk about to a friend." He quickly grabbed Elise's arm with Friya on board, pulling her aside fast enough for her to have little reaction and slammed his shoulder against her as they turned away from Sarah's view. Arkian, without a calm display gone, yelled under his breath, "Friya, what in the world happened while I was out of commission?!" he grunted at a whipsering level.
Hika-sue~: Friya rolled her eyes before taking a look at the time again, she waited patiently until he was done, talking to Sarah, Sarah herself started to cry again when Arkian forgave her nearly killing him by accident. Or rather her pet, her pet which now was comfortably louging atop of Sarah`s head. The little pink blob woke up from its nap when it heard a terrible scream venebrating from the girls dorms, soon followed by the sounds of a shattering window. By this time Arkian had already pulled Friya by the arm and asked her a question, just when she was about to reply the scream echoed not too far from where they where standing.
Hika-sue~: Sarah was now crying tears of joy rather than fear, or self blame but she cried none the less, Friya seemed concerned, and broke loose from Arkian`s grip. "Now is not the time, i need to hurry pologies!" she said facing both Arkian and Sarah as she stepped back and left in a hurry. "thank godness, im so relieved" Sarah said to Arkian. "i thought you where going to punish me like my brother did, i was so scared, gosh"
Sarah looked briefly in the direction of the girls dorms, while she adjusted her skirt a bit.
"what on earth happened there i wonder?"
She grabbed Arkian by the arm and quickly pulled at him towards the girls dorms withouth a real reason as to what and why, she was just curious i guess.
Arkian's focus on Friya was quickly broken as he realized what he heard was the sound of glass breaking, only then acknowledging the scream before it. He his turned to the direction of the girls' dormitory, fixated on it with an intense open-eyed stare of heavy surprise and attention. He stayed stiff and unmoving as his grip on Sarah's shoulder dropped, even as she ran off in the direction he was facing. He could hear Sarah crying in the back of him. It... was strange. Wasn't there a memory in his "recent dream about the girls' dormitory?" he thought.
He held his breath a bit as the sudden flash of a clenched first moving towards his view... He shook his head and came back to reality, blinking twice to show it and breathing normally again, yet he was still fixated on what was happening at the dorms. He looked over his shoulder and watched to Sarah as she spoke, before turning his view ahead again. "Brother? Like your brother?" ran through his head. But it wasn't time for that now.
"What  on Earth happened there I wonder?" she asked.
Arkian was about to reply with the same thing, "Sorry, no time for a-- Waah-" he was about to say something similar to Friya's words before he was grabbed the arm of his coat and pulled along. He gritted his teeth, wanting to say something in protest, but also wanted to run off after Friya to see what the noises were, mostly because he would respond to such noises as an actual threat in the Academy. He stayed silent and let himself be dragged along at Sarah's pace, his eyes fixated on the view past her, looking at where she was leading him.

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Overtaker (OVA) 1
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