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 A Case of high fever (Open)

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PostSubject: Re: A Case of high fever (Open)   Tue Dec 20, 2016 11:02 pm

His eyes snap up to the door as Arkian brust into the room, look like they didnt went that far away when Kasai started to scream. After a small staring contest, in which he could die in embressment, Arkian left once more.

He took a look at jean, only to relise she wasnt in the room at all. He was only slightly worry, she was strong and would find him if needed. Finally, Kasai stop shaking and spoke up, "Its okay, just rest." He told her, removing himself to let her do so.

He would sit by her side til it time to leave.
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Arkian Aviskus

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PostSubject: Re: A Case of high fever (Open)   Sat Dec 31, 2016 8:43 am

Arkian felt genuine relief that no one was going to be punished. Though he did get scolded after he accomplished what was needed, to him, it was worth it. He felt happy, but he felt more defeated than happy in the end. He was puzzled as to why he felt this way, he clutched the left side of his coat with his right hand as he managed to smile slightly. It was crooked, forced, fake. He did not feel okay with the situation, slowly it felt like his mind was getting destroyed, but he remained stoic for the time being.

"Jean?" his eyes followed her as she walked by them, as Martel spoke to her but she did not response. His smile faded away, turning into a familiar neutral expression, neither angry nor calm, nor happy nor sad. He turned back to his higher-up, "I apologize again, Madam Martel. But I don't think it's right for her to wander around like that, untreated." Arkian turned around, looking over his shoulder to glance at Kasai and Chronus for a few seconds before facing Martel again.

"I have no reason to wait around here, being idle and useless...." be muttered under his breath, suddenly declared "I'll go after her!" as he moved past Martel and headed after Jean, following her down the flight of stairs.

"Woah the- Gahadha- Yok'- Da herti- Ah...." -Arkian x Floor Rolling

"Gyakh!" -Arkian x Face-to-Tree

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That's all for now.
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Jean Archer Coldstryfe

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PostSubject: Re: A Case of high fever (Open)   Sat Dec 31, 2016 10:36 pm

Her thoughts where reeling with questions, why did she feel this way, she could not even pronounce a word for how she felt, in truth it was the first time Jean had a slight sensation of jealously. But this she could not even understand, and she disliked this feeling, she felt like there was an iron ball in the pit of her stomach churning away at her ever relentlessly.

She walked aimlessly forward, withouth reason or direction, she almost slipped at the stairs because they appeared wet somehow. Uncounciously she stepped up her pace, and slipped for real when she reached the last set of stairs facing the same corridor that had been filled with water some time earlier. Kyaa!! she said before rolling down the stairs and finally landing into the corridor with a rather loud crash. At this point she could not even see where she was going.

The tears flooded from her eyes almost as fast as the corridor had moments earlier, her tears now came to a halt now that she had reached rock bottom, she was hurting. Her head felt like it had been rammed by a truck, her senses where blurred and the voices sounded heavy and slow, before she was starting to black out she noticed she could not feel her left arm at all, had it broken in the fall? she felt cold, she felt scared. "i don`t want to die" she thought before.....

H-hey are you all right? She is bleeding from the head! someone call the infirmary Hey ain`t that the girl who stole our jobs, who cares about that girl?! An Elf had set his sights for Jean, he kicked her once. O-oi stop that she is a gi- You want to get in line? be my guest. The elf continued to kick Jean on the ground aiming his kicks at her waist and head.

S-stop that at once your seriously going to kill her if you keep that up! Two students tried to restrain the male elf, but he punched one off to the side, and dodged the second one. Which escalated quickly into a fist fight.

~If it does`t prick your conscience anyone could make those choices, right?~ Jean Archer ~

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PostSubject: Re: A Case of high fever (Open)   Fri Jan 06, 2017 12:07 pm

The ringing of the telephone broke Chronus out of his thoughts. At first he wanted to let it ring out but quickly realize that during so will cause Kasai to wake up. So with a heavy sigh, he answer it with a small hello.

Yes! Their a maid injury in the stairway next to the infirmary! Someone is attacking her!

The rest of the speaker word fell on deaf ears as Chronus immediately drop the phone and exit the room. The only maid that was near here and would be attack was Jean and he wasn't letting her get hurt on his watch. Not after what he learn of her.

Chronus quickly pass by Martel and shortly caught up to Arkian. Without slowing down, he shouted out over his shoulder, "Jean is being attack, hurry up." and without waiting for a reaction was on his way.

By the time he got there, he saw a elf kicking her twice before being attack by some bystanders. Unfortunately it developed into a fistfight. The anger of seeing Jean in such a state almost overtook his mind. Even then his mind was so close to snapping.

Magic escape him, employing Chronus' form, as the water evaporates from him jumping over the stairs. Icy flames flicker into his hand, a reflection of the cold fury within him. With no fanfare, he shots a ball of fire to the face of the elf, as he knees down next to Jean.

"I here Jean, you gonna be okay." He whisper, using the basic medical knowledge he knows to slowly heals her. Martel will be her soon with he healing plant, and then he will show that elf exactly who he is.
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PostSubject: Re: A Case of high fever (Open)   Today at 8:00 am

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A Case of high fever (Open)
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