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 Starry sky (Open)

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PostSubject: Re: Starry sky (Open)   Sat Dec 10, 2016 1:24 am

Chronus just sit and stare as two of Jean sisters came into the room, not even noticing him and Micheal as they did their job. It was quite odd, he just learn of them but the sight of them still took him back. The diffence of seeing and knowning was large indee. 'But,' He thought, as he let his graze follow them 'this isnt something you can pepare for.'

"Hey old man, do you mine letting me see her awaking? Or mind explaining what is going happen?" He ask Micheal, removing the blooded sheets that the clones forsaken. Hey! Just because he is in a unique setting dosent mean he could nelect hos duties! "Or shell we just wait?"
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Jean Archer

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PostSubject: Re: Starry sky (Open)   Fri Jan 13, 2017 11:33 pm

Maybe she forgot about us, or maybe she just does not give a damn, at a time like this it seems she could be outside again, she does like to look up the stars dunno why though He exclaimed If you are going to look for her, you should take that helmet back to her, it may not look like it but its very precious to her.

He said stepping away from the wall that he had been leaning against If your going to go looking for her, then i wish you good luck He said as he walked out of the med bay. That girl is immortal, watch out for her will ya!?

Jean stood there in the snow, not caring if her body was starting to feel cold, her new body was free of bruises and wounds, she was still wet which made the cold feel all the more colder, but again she did not care. She saw a comet crossing the sky but made no wish, she did not know how to make one even if she had known about it. It was something she missed to do it with that "boy" and that "girl"

She felt the cool air against her skin, as she knelt down in the snow like she used to.

~If it does`t prick your conscience anyone could make those choices, right?~ Jean Archer ~

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PostSubject: Re: Starry sky (Open)   Sat Jan 14, 2017 11:08 pm

Chronus watch Micheal left him alone, mind in slight confusion with his last words. A slight sigh escape him, as he took the helmet and went on his search after picing up some surplies. 'She is going to be trouble, i just know it.' The cold air hit him full force as the door open to the court yard.

Luckly for Chronus, a maid with green hair stand out in the white backgroup. Walking up to her, helmet in hand, thought begin to form in his mind as he took in her form. 'She complete heal, but she is shevering and wet. Does she have no...' A gunt fil the air as his mind was made up.

"Jean, why do you stand out in the cold? Your almost like..." A child. The thought resound in Chromus mind, sealing the fate of Jean in his eyes. "If you not gonna take care of yourself, then i geuss i have to" He mumble, voice only bearly reaching out to Jean. He knelt down to sit next to her, handing her the Helmet micheal told him to give her.

Reaching into his surplies, Chronus cover them both with blankets to sheild them from the cold. He then place a jar of twigs and leaf btween them, igniting them to give them a sorce of warmth.
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Jean Archer

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PostSubject: Re: Starry sky (Open)   Sun Feb 19, 2017 1:55 pm

She instictively rose to her feet when the man showed up, she looked at him with dull eyes, focusing on his figure. Oh its you.... She murmured and sat down against the cold snow again "Jean, why do you stand out in the cold? Your almost like..." She heard the final words that he spoke as he did so she shrugged, she did not know what she was like as his words arubtly ended, neither did she really care. I don`t crave your pity, but if you want to stick around here then i won`t stop you... She whispered, Jean accepted the helmet withouth a word and placed it on her head again.

Feeling instantly more secure, she glanced at Chronus from the corner of her eyes as he pulled out some blankets and twigs and gave her one of the blankets, Jean did not refuse it but she did not thank him either. Just then dozens of shooting stars flew across the night sky.

~If it does`t prick your conscience anyone could make those choices, right?~ Jean Archer ~

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PostSubject: Re: Starry sky (Open)   

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Starry sky (Open)
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