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 [Student] Uszuniragi Ariko

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PostSubject: [Student] Uszuniragi Ariko    Sun Nov 01, 2015 6:24 pm


Full Name: Ariko Uszuniragi Kourdake Shinjiki Raito
Nickname(s): Ariko, the Idiot, Heroic idiot, insane adventurer and more.
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Race: Human



Height: 169 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Eye Color: Brown/Amber with trace bits of red
Hair Color: Grey
Distinguishing Features: Several scars and unnatural markings along his body.

Ariko is a less of a fashion geek as you can get, he is very casual with his clothing and is expressed in his style. Her usually wears a signature brown coat he'd gotten from his sister, with metallic beaded bracelets and a brown-grey lucky wristband. He also wears a metallic necklace which is a training charm he'd gotten from his family. His grey hair usually spands down to his lower neck while the top is covered by his bandana and hat. during his mornings and when he sleeps, his hair is usually more crazy than before but a quick shake of his hair and it will go back to normal, no comb needed. his pants are very similar to his jacket, unoriginal and bland. His most definitive features are the scars scattered across his body, unable to be healed due to the deep scarring.

When Ariko is alone, he likes to wear a plain white shirt and boxers and basically everything else taken off. When in combat though, if he has a chance he will dress up in his Gi. It is White and his belt is a black-belt with in gold letters in Japanese Kanji ( マスターグレード3, Masutāgurēdo 3 ) Which is "Master Grade 3". He keeps his belt on him at all times. along with his Gi, he wears several white and sturdy bandages across his arms in habit and does not serve any actual meaning, although it is capable of being used as a literal bandage.



  • food
  • Combat
  • Laughter
  • Dancing
  • Friendship!
  • Tradition
  • Showing off(a little)


  • Cheating
  • Pain to others
  • Disgrace of his friends
  • Cats
  • Homework


    • Creepy Mono-Tone Sad Mutations (Such as the Nina-Chimera from Fullmetal Alchemist)
    • Losing everyone Again
    • Death by brutality and torture

Ariko is a straightfoward and idiotic type. He has little to no sense of social queues or when to shut up. He does not rely on common sense and can come out with the most bizarre of words and such. Although he cares dearly for his friends and can get emotional at times. He was born into combat and martial arts, and almost every time he thinks, it will be related to combat in some way. He is also able to cope with high amounts of the Solitary way of life, and goes lone wolf often when he wants to protect his friends and fight alone.

Although all of the above, he is unable to handle high amounts of stress such as the homework of highschool and unable to take in high amounts of information such as a cramming study session. As such he is never a good student and unable to keep himself still as he's a physical type learner. Due to this, a comical effect is shown when his head starts visibly steaming from the complications of said problem. He is also very oblivious to subtle hints such as someone trying to hide affection. He is also quite lazy, preferring to laze around all day and eat food and does not like homework at all


Ariko was born into combat, and never took any academic lessons with the exception of self-taught lessons from his family. He trained under his parents which were both masters and Senseis who owned an entire dojo. When he was 13, Ariko was already at the stage of Master Grade III and was one step from becoming a Grand Master like his parents. But when testing day came, Ariko breezed through it flawlessly but didn't get the graduation and instead another student that got a rating of 94% graduated.

Ariko complained, Complained very much. How was he, who had gotten 100%+ didn't graduate? His parents given Ariko half-baked excuses and questionable excuses. His father given Ariko a letter to an academy at a location. He had never heard of this location and ran away from home without a word, attempting to search for such a remote place. At first he was very solitary but quickly adapted and learned to handle silence and used his traditional combat skills to survive. He'd taken up rent in an apartment or otherwise slept on top of trees which he's grown used to and can easily get comfortable in high locations.

He was unable to find anyplace like it says in the letter challenged countless people for information to no avail.4 years later, Ariko tracked another "source" who he thought might have information and followed him into a bar. He'd originally been stopped by the guard but promptly subdued the guard and followed in. Ariko's mere appearance was able to get several groups within the bar to start ganging up on him only to have Ariko fight back easily. Upon interrogation, Ariko gotten absolutely no information from him or information he'd been able to understand and promptly attempted to leave before a hooded figure spoke up to him, promising to bring him to his location. Ariko followed along with the person and was happy he'd be able to graduate until he reached the location by a boat. It looked like nothing he'd seen before and didn't actually join after a month of thinking (Yes a month, and no tragic backstory)


(This Field is Special. You are given 45 points to distribute as you see fit between all of your three status. Your limit, is that each stat must have at least 5 points in it. Once approved, we Staff will then convert those numbers to a E through SS ranked format.)

Physical: 18 (+35)
Magical: 17 (+19)
Intellectual: 10 (+12)

Fighting Style:
The Blossom Way
A non-lethal style of combat, Ariko uses this most oftenly and is his own martial arts he created. It emphasizes the upper body's strength and does not utilize the legs all that often besides boosting the upper body. It goes towards a speed-offensive type of Martial Arts because of Ariko's nature.

Dragonic Leo
Ariko's Lethal Martial Arts, it is learned from his father and is a forbidden style. It is designed to kill, emphasizing very powerful strikes at weak points in an opponent. This is very difficult to master and even Ariko has not gained the full mastery of this style. A user of this style is able to go toe to toe with people they otherwise can't with. (Does not change stats)

The Free-Styler
A made-up Martial Arts by Ariko, it combines Ariko's dancing and break dancing skills into combat which gives Ariko a new arsenal of very unpredictable and exotic moves. The full extent of this Pseudo-Art is unknown as Ariko does not "Train" in this field per say, It is able to be almost anything the user desires as long as the user knows how to dance well with it!



Items of Significance:
Beta-Edge, Consume (Better known as The Jokér or Emperor Jokér's Wrath )


- Kon'nichiwa watashi wa, rezāpantsu no banana no ryōshu to beara ga imasu! Watashi mo Arcke, Akreious, Akre aruiwa Akky to shite mo shira rete imasu jibun no domein e yōkoso!
Ahem sorry about that, I am Ariko! Also known as Akreious or Arcke!
I am the bearer of the Leather Pants and deemed King of Bananas by Arkian/Avian! (On DRF anyways) and I is awesome at gramiwar and rleplaying, aha sorry had to.

Anata to sugu ni rōrupurei ya rezāpantsu o sūhai suru negatte imasu!

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[Student] Uszuniragi Ariko
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