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 Chronus Shyburn

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PostSubject: Chronus Shyburn   Fri Feb 06, 2015 3:20 am


Full Name: Chronus Shyburn
Nickname(s): Dragon-Fly (Given to him by the underground for his tattoo)
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Race: Human



Height: 5'5"
Weight: 125
Eye Color: Orange
Hair Color: Blond
Distinguishing Features: Dragonfly tattoo: A mark that is recognize by those of the underground.

Chronus is young man of Italian decent. At the age of fifteen, he stands at the height of 5’5” and weights at 120 pounds. His bland hair is kept shoulder length, with a few stands hiding his face. A single eye peeks out from it hiding place, showing the orange glow of silence passion. A tattoo, a simple dragonfly, is proudly display at the side of his neck.

He prefers a formal casual style of clothing for everyday life. His favorite uniform is an orange button shirt under a black dress shirt. Black pants cover his legs and end at his black dress shoes. He usually has a small scarf adore around his neck. He also keeps a set of earphones on his body, which most people consider out of place.  His scarf, headphones and left breast pocket all have a coat of arms of them.

Yet there is one other outfit that he is seen, his DragonFly clothing, also known as his fighting suit. This outfit consists of a white button up shirt underneath a black jacket with orange highlights. Say jacket is hold together by a strap rather than a zipper. He replaces his pant with blue combat pants, each pocket fill with medical supplies. His feet are cover by iron-toe boots with support his ankle as well.


  • Music-It was discover early on that music is the only thing that would calm down Chronus in the event he has an attack.
  • Fire-Chronus believe Fire is truly alive and a mistaken power. Being something that can both take and give life, he had "fall in love" with the element.
  • Healing-After having his family taken from him, Chronus decided to not let that happen again. So he took up the art of healing as a way to make sure he never off guard again.
  • Ice Cream
  • Books
  • People Watching

  • Idiots-Let it be clear that Chronus dosen't dislike those who are slow, he tolerant them, but he dislike people who rather have the answer handed to them. These are the people he declared as idiots.
  • Social Events-Chronus hate anything that makes crowds, so he avoids all and ever social event if he have a choice.
  • Cities-As a claustrophobic, he sees all cities as a death trap waiting to happen.
  • Silent
  • Cold Weather
  • Gaining someone to care for

  • Small Places
  • Spiders
  • Losing Someone He Care For

Chronus is a quite person, preferring to speak only when spoken to. He tends to shy away from crowds and isolate himself. It is common to think that he is a loner but the truth is, he can’t join groups. It’s because he claustrophobic and even being surround by people can give him a panic attack. So it is hard to befriend him.

If one wants to see how he acts with friends, you can look at how he treats his patient. He go out of his way to make them felt welcome. He makes sure they are put first before anything else. He keeps himself calm and speaks softly, never giving into excitement. Finally, he give them the at most respect he can give, looking in to their eyes.

One would never expect that he was a part of the mafia, until he get into a fight or mad at someone. His quite personally fads away to leave cold fury behind. He force his way past all defense, leaving his enemy on the edge of being destroy. And even after that, he will hold on his fury till the person redeem their-self to him. Luckily, the only way to get him mad is to hurt his friends.


Chronus was the first born of a small merchant family. As the oldest, he was expected to take over the shop one day and was trained to do so. Yet his parent need help at home, so he was homeschooled in the morning and help out in the afternoon. So he was isolate from most kids his own age. This lead him to treasure all relationship he was able to get.

Unfortunately, one of these friendships was the catalyst to change his whole life. On his 12 birthday, his best friend challenge him to go into a small hole in a tree. At the same time an earthquake happen, trapping him in the hole and mostly destroy his family. His mother died and his father was dem unfit to raise him and his sister. They later split them apart, leaving Chronus his sister scarf as a memento.

He later left his foster home some time after his thirteenth birthday. A week later he found himself in the middle of mafia fight. He got stuck hiding with a badly injury member that had lose conscious. At the time, Chronus couldn't stand the site of someone hurt in front of him, so he did a patch job for the person. The next morning, the member woke up and introduce himself as the leader of the Scarlatto Family. A family know for using animal tattoo as a sign of respect. He latter took in Chronus into the family and train him as their doctor.

It was during the times with the Scarlatto family that he first discover the world of magic. Chronus don't really remembers what had happen only that when he awoke he was surround by flames all around. After a few hits and miss he discover how to use his magic, which lead him to be discover by a staff member of the mage academy. After talking with the staff member, and latter with the family, it was decided that it was best for him to go and join it. This is where the story pick up.


Physical: 8
Magical: 17
Intellectual: 20

Fighting Style:Chronus is a combat medic, which means he was train to heal in the middle of combat. Because of this he tries to stay in the sidelines to oversee the battle and try to control it. This does not mean he’ll stay out of the combat. He will take a shot, if he sure it will make it. But overall, he’ll stay hidden and do guerrilla warfare.

If for some reason he finds himself unable to do his guerrilla warfare tactics he’ll stay back and use long range fire magic spells and enhance weaponry. He was never train to fight physical so he avoids all fist fight. His skills with weaponry and fire magic make up for his lack of physical ability. Even though he must limit his fire magic due to it more destructed tenancies. Especially when fighting in close environments.



Items of Significance: Lilith Scarf: A little violet scarf that have a small crest on it.

Earphone & MP3: Just a MP3 with few music of classic taste.

Family Crest:

Position: Student

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PostSubject: Re: Chronus Shyburn   Sun Feb 08, 2015 11:36 pm

Hello Chronus, my name is Sheep and i'll be evaluating your application first.

From what I can tell, though you are applying for just a student, i'm going to need just a bit more detail in almost all areas.

Character Description: Please put a bit more in this. Give us a full description of Chronus's features: voice, hair, skin, body type, that sort of thing. Does he have any scars? If so, where are they located? As for types of clothes and what he normally wears, perhaps go into a tiny bit more depth with this?

Likes and Dislikes and Fears: These are good, but keep in mind it helps us to have more to get a good read on your character. As for fears, could you explain why he fears those?

Personality: I'm going to need more for this. Give us details on how he takes certain situations and how he'll act in front of others. Just give us a bit more detail and perhaps go into more depth? What does he do when he's put in a stressful situation? is he a happy person normally or is he just a bit calm and collected instead? or both? think more on who Chronus is and how he acts and put them in there. How is Chronus right now? how is he right at the moment you put him into the roleplay?

History: as I said before, just a bit more details for this. Perhaps explain more on his life. Since he's 15, I don't expect much more since it's only been a short while.

Fighting Style: Going to need more. How does he fight? How does he respond to certain situations? How does he fight if he runs low on magic? Does he run away from a fight or does he make some courageous effort to help those fighting as well?

Thank you, if you have any questions, Vichi and Mid are usually on. I shall be gone for a week, but if you need to ask me question, just message me on skype. ^-^

Thank you,


When in need, call the Sheep~!

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PostSubject: Re: Chronus Shyburn   Wed Feb 11, 2015 9:36 am

Greetings Chronus, Vichi here as they call me, I'm here to review your character because the sooner he's accepted the sooner I can get my life ensured so lets get this show on! ^_^

*Clicky* *Clicky*

That's it from me, and believe me, character creation here is taken very seriously, it's serious business!!!!..... Not really, but we try to keep good information on characters for anyone to view them as if it were a wikia of a show. That's all for now from me, bye and see you next time. ^_^

Hello there, administrative staff member here.
Got a problem or a question? Get a private message to me.
Looking for guidance on the forum? Feel free to ask experienced members.
Need tips or general help on roleplaying? Contact any staff members or ask any veteran roleplayer on the forums.
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PostSubject: Re: Chronus Shyburn   Sun Mar 01, 2015 10:38 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Chronus Shyburn   Tue Mar 03, 2015 7:38 pm

I've read enough changes to know there has been a change in this, and so cooki- *shot*
*Raises up and dusts off the lead from his armored coat*

I'm going to give you approval, because Narry wants it, I know he does! I just know it! Muhaha- *Transmission cut*

This message is brought to you by Caesar's, Eatza Pizza!

Approval Given, it matches the standard criteria of student position characters, however it does seem imbalanced, not in term of power but in terms of character application presentation.

I will say this though, he does have a history that stands out....

Stat report:

Physical: E (5+)
Magical: D (7+)
Intelligence: C

And I will say, that's a pretty smart guy you've got there.

Vichi out~ >_>

Hello there, administrative staff member here.
Got a problem or a question? Get a private message to me.
Looking for guidance on the forum? Feel free to ask experienced members.
Need tips or general help on roleplaying? Contact any staff members or ask any veteran roleplayer on the forums.
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PostSubject: Re: Chronus Shyburn   Wed Mar 04, 2015 4:59 pm

Alright, since Naro and vichi got this done and approved, I'll just put my stamp on it and send it off to the student section.

Welcome to MA, Chronus.

When in need, call the Sheep~!

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PostSubject: Re: Chronus Shyburn   

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Chronus Shyburn
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