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 [Staff] Scarlett Amber

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Lasira Angel

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PostSubject: [Staff] Scarlett Amber   Thu Aug 01, 2013 11:31 pm


Full Name: Scarlett Amber
Nickname(s): Amber (her preferred name)
Age: 25 (though she looks 18)
Gender: Female
Race: Feline-Hybrid



Height: 5’7”
Weight: 160 lbs
Eye Color: Ocean Blue
Hair Color: Snowy White
Distinguishing Features:

Normally with a skip in her step and a smile on her face, anyone who saw her walking down the hallways would probably want to either smile and wave or strike up a conversation with her.  She likes to keep a friendly outward appearance for anyone needing someone to talk to.  In an outward way like a therapist would, but with the feeling of an understanding and caring friend.  She likes keeping those around her at peace and happy, just like she is with a smile and nod or wave in their direction.

As for physical appearance, the biggest thing she likes to wear, to stand out from everyone, would have to be her bright lowcut tanktop.  It’s about the first thing ANYONE sees when speaking with her; even when it’s hiding under her black fishnet hoodie.  But that’s just her shirt that most people will see.  She also likes to wear black/purple/white shorts  because she likes the maneuverability they can give her when she’s teaching.  As for her shoes, no matter what she’s wearing, she will always stick with her black combat boots; because they’re sturdy and she likes being able to break things with them..

Of course that’s her normal, everyday wear/.  When she’s not teaching, or must be in her office/out for professional errands, she will wear a white blouse with a black tie, and a small jacket. Then will wear her infamous black and red skirt that flips up at the end, right in the middle of her thighs.  And she’ll still be wearing her combat boots for the security purposes.  But she’ll also wear something cute, like a small necklace or some earrings to make her seem, not so frightening and intimidating to be near.

Another thing about her that most people notice right off the bat, would be her ears and tail.  She had them grown on her when she was still in the test tube, and that gives anyone who looks at her a reason to think of her as a freak or, inhuman being; or at least that’s what the scientists would tell her.  Her black and red tipped ears and tail are always swishing and moving around in her moods, especially when she’s happy.  This helps people understand her moods a little bit easier because they can actually see it physically, than having to look right into her eyes to understand (something she’s not overly fond of because of the….”family” she knew)



her sister


her sleep being disrupted
closed spaces
her sister


hooks/needles/surgical tools
everyone she knows and cares about dying

Like everyone in the world, she has two personalities; the “customer service” or “take care of others that don’t know her” personality, and the “I know you, and you know how I am” personality.  One she uses almost all the time, and the other is a rare personality people can’t help but tilt their heads at in confusion and curiosity.  Though of course, not that many people know her well enough to gauge the difference between the two personalities; they sometimes meld together into one as she can’t help but act both ways towards everyone in the Academy.

Her most normal personality everyone sees in her, would be her “customer service” personality.  The one where she always has a smile on her face, and will have a soft spoken voice that people won’t be afraid to listen to.  She mostly uses this to the younger students, and towards business people she must talk with in order to set things right again. Of course, those that know her, and know that she’s only putting on a fake personality, always laugh at her as she simply can’t do anything with the way she was taught.

Then there’s her normal “I don’t care how I act around you” personality.  This is just her being herself around her sister, and the headmaster mostly. Because they’ve known her the longest, she can’t really hide from them.  Her voice becomes a bit louder and stronger than when she’s speaking with students, and her posture will change from a grown woman, to a young woman who looks like she’s a big child.  She also ends up being curious about every little thing, and will childishly ask about whatever piques her interest.


An egg, and a test tube.  The egg, always inside, never to come out until it was ready.  Always waiting and growing in size; living and breathing.  Inside was not just an animal; it was more than that. It was a small, little girl.  That little girl went by the name; SCARLETT.

She was always small for her age; never quite big enough to hang with the kids her age because they were afraid.  Oh, they weren’t afraid of her being hurt.  Oh no; they were afraid of her losing control.  Instead of being allowed to have friends and a normal life, she was stuck in an isolated lab area, alone to herself.  She learned, and she learned fast; to fight and survive on her own.

The ones to take care of her never wanted her around.  They always tried hurting her, abusing her, putting her down until she couldn’t get back up.  Always so scared of being alone with them.  She never knew the strength she had to stand up for herself until that day came.  The day where she finally had left her prison:

She was 10 at the time; yet had the physical appearance of a 5 year old.  She couldn’t think of what to do whenever those who wanted to harm her would do so.  They only taught her the basics of survival; Fight or Flight.  And they always told her to pick Flight; because they were scared of her.  They knew what her potential was, and if anyone but them were to find out about it; everything would shatter.

One day though, as she was eating her stale bread and moldy corn, someone walked up to her.  She didn’t know who they were; she didn’t recognize the footsteps.  They had simply smiled kindly to her, and held out a hand.  What caught her by surprise was how her own small hand found its place in theirs, without so much of a blink of an eye.  For once in her small life, she felt safe.

And from that moment on she felt safe.  She never thought of them again, never dreamed that she would end up in a place she would deem safe from humans.  Of course she was technically once, but with her mutation and test experimentations, she could hardly say she was human anymore.  Some were frightened of her, some were nice to her, and some just didn’t care either way (mostly because they just didn’t know her).  And what made everything better for her; she was able to talk with those her age.

From then on, she focused on her skills.  She honed what abilities she had and made them better than what she could have dreamed in the cell she lived in.  She became a better combat specialist, trying her best to master in close-ranged combat skills; and she trained in weapons, though her favorites were always either sai, or her own two hands which could change into cat-claws.  And as she grew older, she learned to care for others, and take care of them if and when they needed it; just like what the person who took her away from the lab said she would do once she was ready.


Physical: 16
Magical: 12
Intellectual: 17

Fighting Style:



Items of Significance:

Position: Teacher/Dean of Students; teaches close-ranged combat

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PostSubject: Re: [Staff] Scarlett Amber   Sun Sep 21, 2014 3:13 pm

Hello there Ms. Angel. My name is Narry and I'll be grading your Teacher-Class Application today.

You may need some extra work~





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PostSubject: Re: [Staff] Scarlett Amber   Sun Sep 21, 2014 4:08 pm

Hello! My name is Midnight and I will also be grading this Teacher-Class application as a second Admin for approval.

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Lasira Angel

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PostSubject: Re: [Staff] Scarlett Amber   Sat Oct 25, 2014 7:15 pm

redone... and fixed?

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PostSubject: Re: [Staff] Scarlett Amber   Sat Oct 25, 2014 9:40 pm

I take back what I said! As Arkian will be missing for the Weekend, I'll put up my own Grading post first! Mid's reasons are... unknown as of late, but I suspect he's still experiencing computer problems.

So, without further ado, this is your first grading post:


Fighting Style:


Everything else that I'm seeing looks okay. Your appearance is well detailed and thought out, and your History is just the same.

I wish you luck my friend! And if you have any questions at all, feel free to contat myself or, you could try to find what you need in the Rules & Guidelines forum.

Care to Click? =D
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PostSubject: Re: [Staff] Scarlett Amber   

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[Staff] Scarlett Amber
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