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Mage Academy

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Headmaster's Office


Where the current Headmaster resides. The Headmaster title is very special, as it can be taken away from the individual who currently holds it through a 'trial' of sorts that any other individual can make. If the current Headmaster looses the trial, they lose the Headmaster title; and the winner, gains it.

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The Docks that seem to float in the very air itself. The boats that dock here are also of the flying kind. The whole 'boats with jet engines' idea. It is also said that the current Headmaster supports these walls with almost no effort on their part. So, that would mean if the Academy ever lost it's Headmaster, the delicate balance set by the Magic would cause chaos if it vanished...

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The rent-able Dormitories where Students can stay. While the actual building looks slightly on the small side, through the doors of the rooms, they expand to near the size of a small house through the use of a Dimensional Magic.

Staff and Admin Dormatries
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Spell District


The academy dedicates 1/3 of it's total size (1/3 = 145200 Square Feet), to those students practicing Spells. It has it's own classrooms and teachers.

Zweiteturm, Spell Lab
274A Case of high fever...
Thu Dec 07, 2017 6:51 pm
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Alchemy District


The academy dedicates 1/3 of it's total size (1/3 = 145200 Square Feet), to those students practicing Alchemy. It has it's own classrooms and teachers.

Alchemy Library, Alchemy Lab
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The large, beautiful campus of the Academy. The courtyard has a great deal of plantlife and one, large tree that is nearly 2/3rd the height of the academy (nearly 65 stories tall).

Scattered around the school are mysterious floating lamps that activate at night time.

Classrooms, Infirmary, Club Rooms
472Crime, Wine, and Inv...
Sun Nov 12, 2017 9:57 pm
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An arena that can change into an infinite world with just a thought. It can be a city, a desert, or even on the surface of a distant Star in the universe. In this place, injury is only a simulation and only becomes real with the approval of both sides of the fight.

Spectators are not permitted within the Arena at any time, however, they are free to use magic to watch in on the fights from anywhere on the Academy grounds (save areas where Magic is ineffective).
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Staff Lounge

A place where the Teachers and Staff of Mage Academy can relax and enjoy their time between duties. This place functions just like the Dorms do. There are a set of couches within, a few chairs, a recliner and snack machines. You can even find a few of the Teachers and Staff sleeping in this area in between classes.
13A wish for a Heart. ...
Wed Mar 15, 2017 6:43 pm
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A collection of rules necessary for roleplaying on the site. Please read.
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